Fetch details of an author

GET /accounts/{account_id}/alerts/{alert_id}/authors/{author_id}

You can fetch all data concerning an author by its id.

note that authors depend on alerts. A same author, for instance the website http://www.spaceinnovations.net may have id 1 for alert 112233, and id 345 for alert 112233. As with tags, you cannot use the author of one alert for another.


  • account_id (string) - Id of the account
  • alert_id (number) - Id of the alert
  • author_id (number) - Id of the author

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Minimal curl example

curl -ig 'https://api.mention.net/api/accounts/{account_id}/alerts/{alert_id}/authors/{author_id}' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -H 'Accept-Version: 1.16'

Request example

  • Headers
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
Accept-Version: 1.16
  • Body


Response example

  • Body
    "id": "22817438340",
    "alert_id": 112233,
    "author_unique_id": "fr.news.yahoo.com",
    "kind": "web",
    "url": "https:\/\/yahoo.com",
    "name": "fr.news.yahoo.com",
    "score": 58,
    "scored_id": "fr.news.yahoo.com"



This is the kind of author we are talking about: web or twitter.



This is the influence score given to the author, identified by its scored_id. The value is at 0 (zero) for author with the lowest influence, and 100 (one hundred) for author with the highest influence.

Scored id


This is the id being scored. Very important in web, as influence rating may differ between a host and a subdomain of a same site...