Fetch my account

GET /accounts/me

Fetches all account details concerning your own account, in view of the given access token.

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Minimal curl example

curl -ig 'https://api.mention.net/api/accounts/me' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    -H 'Accept-Version: 1.19'

Request Example

  • Headers
Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
Accept-Version: 1.19
  • Body


Response example

  • Body
    "account": {
        "id": "630929_4wgkw0o0go4wco40wos4gww44tbrsluiajok04g4gsscw8wssk",
        "name": "John Smith",
        "email": "j.smith@nasa.com",
        "language_code": "en",
        "created_at": "2016-01-18T14:49:37.0+00:00",
        "updated_at": "2016-01-18T14:49:37.0+00:00", 
        "grouped_email_notification": false,
        "default_email_notification_frequency": "daily",
        "default_desktop_notification_frequency": "hourly",
        "default_push_notification_frequency": "hourly",
        "default_trending_email_notification_frequency": "occasionally",
        "default_trending_email_notification_frequency": "never",
        "permissions": {
            "create_alert": true,
            "read_teammembers": true,
            "read_teamrequests": true,
            "read_quotastats": true
        "email_subscriptions": {
            "quota_exceeded": true
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "\/api\/accounts\/630929_4wgkw0o0go4wco40wos4gww44tbrsluiajok04g4gsscw8wssk"



An unguessable id that identifies the account across the whole API.

Grouped email notification


Boolean value that indicates if the account prefers to have all notifications grouped in a single email for all alerts.


A json object in which the GET url that gives access to that account can be found.